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Eneco Climate Footprint:

Lower or neutralise your organisation's impact

Your company or institution consumes energy. Producing services or materials, heating your building, and travelling, are all examples of potential fossil fuel consuming activities. Generating energy from coal, oil, and natural gas results in climate changing greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, your company’s activities contribute to global warming and dangerous climate change.

If you are interested in mitigating some, or all of your organisations climate footprint, Eneco can assist you in a variety of ways. You can minimize your organisation’s impact on the climate through energy efficiency, use of renewable power sources, and through the purchase of high quality clean energy offset credits. Our experts will help you find the most financially and environmentally sustainable solutions to mitigate your carbon footprint. You could even choose to have your emissions neutralised through our ‘climate compensation’ program.

The Climate Footprint provides you with a basis for reducing (or, if you wish, neutralising) your organisations impact on the environment. It is a representation of the overall effect your organisation has on the climate in terms of the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted. With the Climate Footprint you will know exactly what the impact of your organisation is, and which parts of your business require special attention.

Eneco's Sustainability Portal - a cloud toolbox for footprint calculations and carbon management

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